Ollan of Herr Ltd. Growing of plants with water recycling.

Our Services

Herr Ltd designs low energy rainwater harvesting, reed beds sewage treatment systems, and ecological wastewater treatment systems using plants, flowers, and trees. We also supply composting systems for standard flush toilets as well as waterless toilets and urine separating toilets.

Composting and Dry Toilets

We can design and provide options for various modern porcelain, odourless toilets that separate urine and compost toilet solids. Over time the system produces a small volume of well cured worm compost for the garden, as well as a lush flower garden.

Our designs separates urine from toilet solids and treats them so the can be safely used to grow plants. Our systems remove and recycle phosphorus and other pollutants in urine without the use of other harsh chemicals.
Find out more about composting toilets and waterless toilets.

Reed Beds for Sewage Treatment

We use reeds, flowers and willow trees to naturally treat domestic waste water, often without pumps. Our reed bed systems take up small areas in sub urban gardens and can indeed be designed to be part of a formal flower garden. To find out more about vertical flow reed beds, visit our sister site https://www.reedbedsirl.com

Grey Water and Water Recycling Systems

Grey water that is adequately treated can be recycled back to the house for toilet flushing. The Herr red bed systems to do this will often be small enough for suburban gardens. The Herr designed grey water reed bed systems will reduce mains water demand by up to 30%. Water conservation and recycling systems such as this will be increasingly necessary during long summer droughts in future.

Rainwater Harvesting

Reducing mains water usage and water charges: We design and provide domestic rainwater harvesting systems for toilet flushing. Our systems are ideal for buildings or houses with no outside garden and yard space. These are most typically installed when retrofitting narrow terraces houses or for new buildings in dense urban town /city areas. Find out more about rainwater harvesting.

Consultancy Services

Working alongside Architects: We co-design ecological water and waste water systems at the early stages of house design. We produce drawings, specifications and we supply equipment. For larger projects we will carry out some on-site work. The earlier we are involved in the project the better, ensuring that the project will achieve all of the ecological and sustainable water management goals as outlined above.

The Natural & Living Elements. Our waste water treatment systems minimise energy use and prioritize the use of natural plant based systems and ecology. Herr Designs include the use of Sunshine, Reed Beds, Various Flowers and Plants, Willow trees and Earth Worms. Long term composting and natural mushroom growth will break down pharmaceuticals that are absorbed by the flowers grown with the human urine.

Other Projects


Herr Ltd is pleased to announce that it’s now supplying the Rotovelo in Ireland. These lightweight velomobiles are a great for commuting, providing a fast and rain-proof way of getting around.

Find out more at velocycle.ie.