Waterless Toilets could be part of our response to Water Shortages

The national hose ban looks like it will be with us for months. With this present national and international heat wave being linked to climate change and with the increasing probability of more long term droughts; all new house buildings should install at least one waterless toilet in response to future water crisis situations.   

Due to Climate Change, it’s looking more and more probable that excessively long drought conditions will occur more frequently in summers in Ireland from now on. Irish people should therefore consider installing at lease one waterless toilet when building their new home. In any future national crisis situation, particularly with the mains water being cut off; having at least one such waterless toilet in your home will avoid personal inconvenience and frustration. Furthermore if this waterless toilet was to be by the family members used most of the time then it will reduce Irish domestic mains water demand by about 30%.

This present drought in Ireland might last for more weeks or months and we are likely to have more frequent summer long droughts in future with climate change. It’s a waste anyway to be using treated mains water to simply flush away human excrement.  When there is no rainfall over such long periods it becomes an act of personal responsibility to be using treated grey water for toilet flushing – or to be using a waterless toilet. This is the white porcelain waterless toilet from Wostman.

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Modern waterless toilets that offer the same modern standards of hygiene and convenience as flush toilets are now available from Herr Ltd here in Ireland.

These Wostman waterless toilet “systems” use no water at all to flush away toilet solids. The toilet solids simply drop down through the 200 mm diameter hole in the bottom of the toilet bowl to a plastic box under the floor.


The Herr Ventilation System then slowly dries the toilet solids by creating a downward draft in the toilet bowl. This continuously removes any odours in the room, in contrast with the odours that can arise when using standard flush toilets. There are no odours hanging around from the previous person’s visit.

For this reason this toilet can be used faster and more frequently by a busy family rushing out to work or to school in the mornings. With the dry toilet there is no toilet water cistern that takes time to slowly refill before the next flush.

With this particular Waterless Toilet Design, as well as removing odours, the active draft system will slowly dry the toilet solids in the storage box below so that no fly problems will arise either. The removal of the storage box for further composting elsewhere, every month or two, is light to lift because the contents are dry with very little moisture

The small hole at the front of the porcelain bowl is to separate the human urine. The urine can be simply piped to join with the other waste water from the house. Alternatively, because human urine is so rich with Nitrogen and Phosphorus, this urine can be part of the other Herr Phosphorus & Fertilizer Recycling system.

The white porcelain is white and is just as easy to keep clean as any standard porcelain toilet.

While Irish Water is being overwhelmed by this international Climate Change and national drought situation; this toilet offers your family the opportunity to play a part in reducing your own mains water demand

This toilet makes you part of the growing community that acts responsibility for the environment and the future. This is your chance to reduce your impact on the environment.