Introducing the Herr Phosphorus Recycling Reactor

The “Herr Phosphorus Recycling Reactor” is a novel and innovative system designed to treat and recycle phosphorus from domestic wastewater. Unlike traditional methods, that sends everything through septic tanks, this home-based or small community-based system produces phosphorus from separated urine that, is free from toxic metals or pharmaceuticals, making it a safer and more sustainable fertilizer option.

The process involves adding and mixing salt with separated human urine to prevent phosphorus pollution in domestic wastewater. By doing so, the system recovers and recycles the phosphorus in a much safer way than from sewage sludge The system converts urine into struvite (magnesium ammonium phosphate). The struvite produced from urine has been proven to be a safe-to-use, slow-release fertilizer, with as much as 90% of the phosphorus removed by this method.

The benefits of this approach are significant. By recovering phosphorus, we can reduce our dependence on mining and extraction of phosphorus rock to produce fertilizers, which is essential to feed the growing global population. Scientists are warning of a looming fertiliser shortage, and the latest emerging concern predicts that mineral-based phosphorus fertilizers will become unaffordable over the coming 30 years or so.

Herr Phosphorus Recycling Reactor

Given these challenges, it is crucial that we take action now. The “Herr Phosphorus Recycling Reactor” offers a practical solution to end the discharge of untreated or inadequately treated wastewater from towns and urban centres. By recycling non-toxic phosphorus, we can contribute to a more sustainable and prosperous future.

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Recycling phosphorus as struvite with salt
Herr Ltd Struvite reactor with filter bag, collection cylinder and final dry struvite